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What are People Saying about Beauty Expense?

The Beauty Expense App has been a complete administrative game changer for me as a professional makeup artist. At the end of the day, being a freelance makeup artist is a business that can sometimes become overwhelming with keeping up with receipts and expenses. Prior to the BeautyExpense App, I would add and estimate receipts for car expenses, and product purchases on a spreadsheet. Now with the Beauty Expense App, it is all calculated with accuracy. It truly makes “office day” less stressful.

Etzel EclestonMakeup Artist

I haven't used any other app like this, I didn't know they existed! I've briefly used an app to bookkeep in the past, but Beauty Expense is a lot more elaborate and takes care of the artist. I liked the fact that I could keep track of my mileage and contact support with a few buttons.

Madge EarleMakeup Artist

I needed this app when I first started my career as a Makeup Artist. Beauty Expense offers Tips to Save that would have made navigating the industry and creating my business much easier. Being able to connect with a tax expert within the app is such an amazing resource.

Trinity KenneyMakeup Artist

Beauty Expense is more concise and more accessible than Checkbook. I was impressed by the feature to upload my receipts, it scans it for you automatically. I used another app in the past to log receipts but you had to input all the information manually. I love how easy it is to use.

KamateMakeup Artist


Beauty Expense is a simple and easy book keeping app for beauty professionals. It was created to make the business side easier to manage. Keep track of your expenses, manage your budget and get financial tips all in one place.